5 Tips For Your Destination Wedding

1. Stick to your guest list!

Your wedding day is exactly that, YOUR day. If you decide to have a small destination wedding and only invite immediate family, or maybe just you and you fiancé, that is perfectly okay! Some people may feel insulted or left out because they were not invited and begin to pressure you to change your mind or give you a guilt trip. Don’t give in! You don't owe anyone an explanation. Plus, once you start adding unexpected guests to the list it can be a slippery slope and you will find yourself inviting way more people. Once you give in to one, the rest will think they have a say in the matter too.

2. Look into the area surrounding your wedding venue!

The first step after choosing your wedding venue. Most of the time you and your guests will be staying at this location also for a few days before or even after the wedding. That is why it is essential to not only research your wedding venue but the whole area and what it has to offer! Look at different activities, restaurants, transportation and shopping. If you forget to pack an essential item and must run to the nearest convenience store, you don’t want it to be 20 miles away. Plus you should explore the area and make the best of your trip!

3. Pack accordingly!

It is essential to pack for your whole trip, not just the wedding day of course. When traveling for a destination wedding the priorities are obvious...the rings, your dress and suit, and all of your wedding day accessories! Sometimes the excitement and stress of traveling means that we forget to pack things that we need (like clothes besides your wedding dress) so be sure you think about your trip as a whole. Passports, toiletries, mini emergency it and outfits for other activities during your stay. Ask your venue if you can ship any decor that you may want to bring to cut back on luggage and pay extra for insurance and tracking of the packages!

4. Enjoy the final destination!

It is an absolute MUST to make time to enjoy and appreciate the scenery around you. Take a moment and BREATHE! There is a reason you and your fiancé picked such a beautiful place to share your love. Enjoy it! Don’t let the stress of the wedding or traveling get in the way of enjoying all your hard work planning and make sure you take a moment to just enjoy some time together, just the two of you!

5. Ask important people to write letters!

Not everyone may be able to make it to your destination wedding. If you end up having some important people not able to make it, ask them to write you letters to open on your wedding day. Notify your photographer and ask them to take a few snapshots of you both opening and reading your letters. This will be a special moment for you both and will feel like those important people were there for you on your big day, regardless of how many miles apart you really are!

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