CGE Bucket List: Iceland

Today I'm dreaming of all the beauty from one of my favorite trips. I am finally getting around to posting my Iceland blogs that have been floating in my head since my trip this past September.

I had the opportunity to help plan and style an elopement shoot for a photography workshop Meghan Rose Photography was hosting. was freaking magical there! We never knew what we were going to find just over a small hill or by driving just another 5 minutes down the road. There are literally waterfalls everywhere! More on the shoots coming up on the blog soon so stay tuned! Here are a few sneak peeks and behind the scenes shots for ya!

Aside from the actual teaching moments during our trip we still had a lot of time to explore. We stopped at some of the touristy spots and had a few "Hey! Where does this road go!" moments. At one point Meghan turns to me in the car and says "Hey...I think we are going to throw you in a wedding dress tomorrow and just shoot in some different spots!" And we did just that. Left our home stay early enough to start at sunrise and with crazy winds. I had only one stipulation, I got to wear my leggings, jeans and hiking boots with it. It was SO cold with a crazy wind chill to add to it all but we still had fun!😂

One of my favorite spots was on our way back from shooting all day. We saw this tall mountain with some sort of landmark at the top. When we got to the info sign we realized it was a Viking grave at the top and the ruins to an old farm! Fun fact: My ancestry DNA test told me that I am in fact part Viking!⛏ We decided (almost at sunset) to climb this mountain to see this site...I mean, we were in Iceland and it was a VIKING! By far one of the most peaceful, exciting hikes I have ever completed. The winds were insane at the top and at one point, when there was a break, I swear you could have heard a pin drop in the grass. It got so eerily quiet.

We were even lucky enough to see the Northern Lights from the comfort of our little lake-side air bnb! Iceland is completely inspiring and magical. If you ever have the chance to it!

Wanna know what to pack? Watch out for my next blog post! I'm sharing all the things I managed to get in my suitcases and how I was prepared for just about any weather!

All photos included in this post are by the wonderful and talented Meghan Rose Photography!

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