CGE Confessions: The Myth of "Day of Coordination"

In this segment of our blog we really wanted to give you guys some insight into the wedding planning world and a look at the Charming Grace Events client experience. Our CGE Confessions are going to go a little bit more into the behind the scenes than some of our other blog posts - like “Why insure your engagement ring” If you have any topics that you want us to cover leave them in the comments below or over on our Instagram! Be sure to hop over to Brandi’s Bride Tribe Facebook page also for more planning tips and tricks!

So without further ado we are going to kick off our CGE Confessions with something that has been the topic of conversation in the wedding planning world for some time now - The Myth of “Day of Coordination” We are going to explain why we don't offer this service and why you should think twice before hiring any wedding planner/coordinator (or other wedding vendor) that claims they do.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our services page and you’ll notice that “Day of Coordination” is not listed. The reason why we don’t offer “Day of Coordination” is pretty simple, it’s just not possible or realistic! There is no way the Charming Grace Events team or anyone else could just walk in the day of your wedding and be able to pull together and execute all of the details and plans you have been working on for months. Just think about all of those emails and meetings you had with your vendors. All of that information is crucial to your wedding day running smoothly and we need to know all the things!

The title of “Day of Coordination” is misleading for couples, it's a myth! In our experience it tends to create a gray area when managing expectations of when we as planners/coordinators will actually step in to begin helping in finalizing your last minute details, creating the wedding day timeline (which is your wedding day holy bible), and managing the vendors you’ve hired. We know that every decision you’ve made from decor to song selections have been thoughtfully planned out to represent you and your partner! That is why it is so important to us that we allow enough time to step in, take those last few weeks of stress off of your plate, while bringing your plans and vision to life! That way you get to relax and enjoy your wedding day exactly as you should!

To avoid getting stuck in that gray area of what “Day of Coordination” actually means there has been a big push within the wedding planning community to change the terminology from “Day of Coordination” to Wedding Management and we are totally on board with it! By using the term Wedding Management it gives us as wedding planners the ability to specifically layout at what point we begin to actively manage your wedding. For CGE couples this starts 8 weeks prior to their wedding date. We realized this was the time frame vendors were starting to reach out about timelines and final details and couples were getting stressed that they didn't have those answers or the proper guidance.

This is why we don’t offer “Day of Coordination” and highly recommend taking a good, hard look at those vendors that claim to offer that as a service. It's so crucial for us to take a little more time and a few extra steps to insure that your wedding goes off without a hitch! Not just on the day of but those last few weeks leading up to your big day as well!

So who would benefit from our Wedding Management service? The organized couple who have already hired all of their wedding vendors and have decided on all their pretty details. At the 8 week mark the CGE team will step in and begin to contact your vendors and review all of their contracts to make sure there wasn't a single detail missed. We confirm logistics at your venue, make sure everyone has the correct start and end time and act as the point of contact so your phone isn't blowing up while you're enjoying mimosas the morning of your wedding!

Want to know more about our Wedding Management service? Fill out our inquiry form here! Did I mention we love to travel?😉

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