Escort Cards, Place Cards & Seating Charts - What's the Difference?!

Escort Cards, Place Cards and Seating Charts...what's the difference?! Did you know that they aren't the same thing? Do you know which option works for your wedding? Let us break down each one so you can understand the difference and choose the best option for your wedding!

Escort Cards include your guest's name and table number they are assigned to. These are usually placed on a table, in alphabetical order just outside the entry to your reception space. They do not have to be the typical tented paper style either! There are so many different options. Choose something that matches your personal wedding style like oyster shells, small ceramic tiles or even acrylic squares. The options are really endless so have fun with it!

Place Cards include just your guest's name and go on your guest tables at each place setting to let your guest know where at the table you want them to sit. These can be used with your escort cards or seating chart. These are found at more formal or black-tie weddings. This is also a way to let catering know which dinner option your guests have chosen if your serving a plated dinner at your reception. You can color code these to each meal option or have some sort of stamp or notation on each place card. Be sure to give you caterer the key to what each color/notation means so dinner service will go quickly and smoothly!

Seating Charts include all of your table numbers with each guest's name listed under the table number you have assigned them. You may also choose to list all of your guest's names in alphabetical order and put the table number next to their names instead. I would suggest keeping names in alphabetical order to help guests find their name quickly and there isn't a crowd around you seating chart! This, like escort cards will be placed just outside the entry of your reception space.

Our quick way to tell these options apart is simple:

Escort Cards "escort" your guests to their table.

Place Cards are "placed" at every "place" setting.

Seating Charts "chart" out your "seating" arrangments.

You will not need all 3! Pick the option that is the best fit for your wedding style!

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