First Looks - Pros & Cons

There are so many opinions on wedding day first looks. Most photographers are all about them but family may have a more traditional mindset and think it's bad luck to see each other before the ceremony. Here are our thoughts on first looks - the pros and the cons!


  • You'll end up getting more photos completed before the ceremony which will keep you from feeling rushed afterward for your formal photos.

  • You could potentially join your guests for cocktail hour.

  • Take this as an opportunity to spend a few intimate minutes alone with your love.

  • If you get overly anxious, it can help calm your nerves before your ceremony.


  • You may need to start your day much earlier than you think.

  • Some feel it takes away from seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony.

  • Summer brides beware! Your flowers may be a little wilted if you take them out of water too early for a first look. The same goes for the boutonnieres.


  • Don't expect a specific reaction from your fiance.

  • Don't invite your wedding party to watch. Keep it private.

  • Don't force it into your timeline.

  • Do pick a location close to the ceremony.

  • Do take your time and enjoy the moment.

  • Do think about a first look with Dad or Mom or a special family member.

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