How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer for You

One of the biggest decisions a couple has to make is what vendors they will hire for their wedding day. Ultimately, who you hire as your wedding vendors will determine if your dream wedding is able to come to life just as you envisioned it! It is so important to research and vet each of your vendors, either through reviews or photo galleries of their work. However, there are a few vendors, like wedding planners and photographers, that not only need to be able to create amazing work but they should also make you feel comfortable and click with you as a couple.

Speaking from my personal experience through Charming Grace Events and now as a bride to be (Our wedding date is September 7, 2019 and I am sooo excited!) I know that when hiring a wedding photographer there is more to consider than just their photos! When choosing which photographer would capture our wedding day and take our engagement photos I knew we had to pick someone whose photography style complimented our wedding style, and equally as important as liking their photos, was finding someone that would make us feel comfortable in front of the camera!

To be honest, being on the other side of the camera was VERY nerve wracking for me. I am so used to being behind the scenes that it felt strange for my fiance and I to now be the couple posing for pictures. But our amazing photographer, Lindsay from 1783 Photography made sure that we were comfortable and enjoying ourselves while she was instructing us on what to do throughout our shoot. By the end of our engagement session, my fiance and I were having so much fun we almost forgot that there was even a camera there at all!

Here are a couple of things you should keep in mind while hiring the right wedding photographer for you. First and foremost, you need to look over their portfolio (usually available on their website and Instagram account) and make sure you like their photos and be sure to read any reviews from previous clients. Each photographer has different editing and posing styles, so making sure that your vision is in line with their overall photography style is also important. The pictures you have of your wedding day will be one of the only tangible things you will be able to look back at and remember all the special moments and pretty details that you spent so much time on!

Don’t forget to ask yourself before you sign a contract with your wedding photographer “Do I feel comfortable with this person?”. If you’re wondering why this question is important, keep in mind that your photographer will be the person who will be directing you on how to pose and capturing all of those special moments throughout your wedding day. This is your one chance to have your day captured on camera, so make sure you can trust in your photographer to get it right - there won’t be a chance for any do-overs! Once you get in front of the camera it is up to your photographer to help you feel comfortable and look your best!