How To Define Your Wedding Style

One of the first and most challenging parts of planning a wedding can be defining your wedding style and sticking to it. We’ve broken down a few tips on how to narrow your vision and find some of the most popular wedding styles that fit your personal style!

Just remember that when it comes to your wedding there are no rules! You can combine and create new styles that fit your vision. But it’s easier explaining your overall dream to your friends, family and vendors when you have some basic style terms to work off of.

Step One: To find your wedding style, you should think of the overall wedding, not just the ceremony or reception. You want your style to be represented in all aspects of your wedding, from the invitations, to the ceremony location, and throughout the rest of your details. Start by talking to your fiance about what your dream wedding looks like. Don’t worry about how much it would cost or if it would even be possible, just focus on the vision. What is the vibe you two want to create for your guests? Are you inside or outside? Are you surrounded by large, wild, and bold colored flowers? Or are there simple, elegant, and classic arrangements?

Step Two: Use things like Pinterest, Instagram and wedding blogs to find a solid representation of your vision. Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration outside of the wedding world. This will help you decide where and when your wedding will be! When searching for wedding venues, the goal is to find a venue that compliments your overall wedding vibe and style.

Step Three: Now that you have an idea of the overall vibe, location, and time of year it’s time to focus on the little things! This can be the most intimidating part of the process but just remember to stick to your vision and define what your style truly is. Use the wedding style definitions below to help you verbally communicate what you want to your vendors.

Bohemian - Boho weddings have a natural, earthy romance vibe to them. Whether you are deep in the woods or in a garden you will see greenery, overgrown wild flowers, maybe even a casual lounge area with eccentric oriental rugs and large throw pillows. This style is effortless and care-free while remaining chic.

Classic/Traditional - You won’t find the latest trends or a bold colored bouquet at a classic or traditional wedding. At a classic/traditional wedding, you’ll find a formal black-tie affair vibe from the ceremony location, to the champagne filled cocktail hour, and clean-cut flowers with stylish but timeless place settings. The colors you will see may be white with pops of pastels or gold and silver used as accents to create an airy and romantic style that never goes out of trend.

Modern - Modern weddings have the sophistication of a classic style but with a fun new twist. There will be mix-matched patterns used throughout the entire wedding, with monochromatic or bold colors that appears polished and minimal. More than likely this sleek style will even carry over to a fun signature cocktail and monogrammed cocktail napkins leaving your guests feeling stylish and refined.

Rustic - When guests arrive to a rustic wedding there is a simple, organic, and down-to-earth feeling. The colors and style of flowers used will be inspired by nature with wood farm tables and yard games like corn-hole. While in the past the word rustic may have referred to a more country-charm style with cowboy boots and mason jars, the style has somewhat evolved into a naturally eclectic vibe with simple decor and bistro lights strewn through a updated barn. Either way, the simplicity will create a laid-back and fun experience for you and your guests!

Romantic - Romantic weddings are light and airy without being overly formal and stuffy. The entire style and vibe is based on the romance of the day with never ending floral arrangements in subtle pastel colors and soft candle light. When you add in some of your favorite love quotes written in calligraphy, there will definitely be love in the air!

Whimsical - Whimsical weddings have a bit more wiggle room to define given the fact that it can more or less mean whatever you want it to! While this style is not as specific as the others there are usually two defining characteristics—plenty of bold colors and unique decor surrounded by fun flower arrangements. Whimsical style can include details like vintage books in your decor or colorful hanging floral arrangements over your guest tables. There is bound to be beautiful lights strung through trees and maybe even a flower crown or two. Regardless of what direction you take, your guests will feel like they are a part of your enchanted love story.

Now that you know how to define your wedding style, you can plan your wedding with more ease and have fun while doing so! We want to hear about your big day! Tell us what wedding style YOU are in the comments below!

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