Protect Your Wedding Cake!

Just picture it! You're wedding day is here! The sun is shining and your outdoor wedding is finally coming to life. The tent is set with all the pretty tables and gorgeous floral centerpieces. Your amazing 3 tier cake is styled beautifully on it's own little table. Sounds just perfect, right?

Here's what you don't see...the bugs and all the outdoor elements that will affect that perfect scene! Here are our 5 favorite tips to keep that pretty (and tasty!) cake looking just like that Pinterest photo you took to your baker!

  1. Timing is everything - You want to make sure to talk with your baker and who ever is responsible for setting your tables up to make sure your cake table is set and ready by the time your cake arrives. It's best to have your cake delivered right before the wedding starts. This will cut down on how long the cake is exposed to the elements and bugs!

  2. Cover it up - If you aren't doing a large cake, consider using a glass cover to keep bugs from landing and sticking to your cake! No one wants to eat cake with bugs stuck in their frosting!

  3. Hello sunshine - When you are planning your floor plan, keep in mind where the sun will be. You don't want to put your cake table on the sunny side of your tent as this will cause buttercream to melt and some fondant frosting to bubble. Although, fondant does hold up better in heat than buttercream.

  4. Keep it light - For hotter months, opt for a lighter color cake. Darker colored frosting/fondant may start to run and does not make for pretty photos!

  5. Faux real - Did you know you can request faux tiers in your cake? Your guests will never know and you can have your real cake hiding safely inside with catering until you are ready to serve it to guests! You still get pretty photos and you have a real cake layer for your cutting photo. We promise it'll be our little secret! ;)

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