Rainy Wedding Advice

A rainy wedding day is something every couple secretly pushes to the back of their minds.  If you don't think about it, it won't happen...right??  That's not always the case BUT we have put together some Rainy Wedding Advice to get you through the day and enjoy it!!

Our 2017 wedding season started with a double wedding weekend and it rained THE WHOLE TIME!  The craziest part was that both of our couples had the time of their lives and ended up with some of the most romantic photos ever!!  Want to know how to survive a rainy wedding and still enjoy it? Follows these tips and you will still have the best day ever!

  1. If you are having an outside wedding, be sure you have a tent on standby or a covered location large enough for all of your guests. If you plan to rent a tent anyway, look into flooring options.  Flooring can be pricey but after your vendors have done set up and your guests have been walking around, the ground may become a big mud puddle of a dance floor!

  2. Rain boots are a MUST!  Am I the only person who keeps a pair in my car at all times?  They come in so many cute colors and patterns so make sure to pick u a pair and take some super cute photos! Oh, and don't forget your socks!

  3. Gimme all the clear umbrellas!  These really make for some fun group photos and romantic first looks.  Check with your photographer or wedding planner to see if they have any first, if not you can find them just about anywhere! (Target, Khols, CVS even!)

  4. Opt for a hairstyle that still looks clean and put together even in the rain! I am no stranger to frizz on rainy days!  I suggest going for an updo and lots of hair spray. Stay away from loose curls or any loose pieces hanging down. These will just fall flat and look like wet hair...not the look you are going for on your wedding day!  Try a low chignon or add some braids for texture.

  5. Repeat after me: "A dirty dress is a dress that had fun!" You can appoint one of your bridesmaids to dress duty but at some point your dress will get dirty. Bustle it as soon as you are finished with photos so you don't have to worry about it as much but also don't stress too much about it.  Be sure to take it to a READ: QUALITY cleaner as soon as possible after your wedding so they have a better chance of removing any stains and have it preserved.

Rain is never a first option for wedding day weather but it isn't going to ruin your wedding day if you are prepared for it!  Enjoy ever second of it and dance the night away in those adorable new rain boots! ;)

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