The Secret Code of a Wedding Planner

Did you know there is a secret code between you and your wedding planner? Most couples don't realize wedding planners are not just there to make sure that the timeline is followed by everyone. Here are just a few ways that we have (quietly) helped our clients in the past:

  1. Excuse us while we steal you away....because you got stuck at a table too long. Yup! If you know you have some relatives that will steal all your dancing time just let your planner know what table or few spots to watch out for. We polietly excuse ourselves and will use an excuse that you're needed for photos or we have a menu question. Something quick but will get you moving back around the room!

  2. We love tedious tasks...we use them to keeping moms busy! We know that sometimes parents can be very involved and sometimes they just want to stay busy during the chaos. We keep a few little tasks to the side that can be done quickly if needed and if mom or another involved guest needs a busy task, we happily oblige.

  3. We aren't security but we aren't afraid to excuse a wedding crasher. Yes, we have had to do this on a couple of occasions. They usually stick out or we are notified by another guest quietly. We just ask them to leave and notify the venue and security if the couple provides it.

  4. Keeping an eye out for unruly guests. We see everything. It's our job! We know that your guest list is made up of people that are close to you and your family. It may seem a bit awkward to give those names to your planner but we don't share that information with anyone unless an issue does arise.

We want everyone to enjoy the event so we do what we can behind the scenes so you can just be present!

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