Tips for Postponing Your Wedding

In the wake of everything going on in our world, it goes without saying that postponing your wedding is a very real question that needs consideration. As if planning a wedding wasn't challenging enough! For most couples, this is their first time planning an event as big as a wedding. Now they face having to navigate rescheduling their entire event.

Don't worry! We're here to guide you through the craziness. Grab a glass of wine and take some notes!

Here are just a few things to keep in mind should you choose to postpone your wedding:

  1. Date availability - Most venues are booked for the fall season of 2020. Keep in mind September and October are typically the popular months so you may have to push back into next year. If you are looking into 2021 there is likely more availability. You may need to be flexible with your new date so just be prepared!

  2. READ. READ. READ those contracts!! I've lost count at how many times we've put that line in our blogs. It's so important to read through your vendor contracts...if you do not have a contract or some form of written terms between you and the person providing a service, get one asap! Each of your vendors will have a "Cancellation/Postponement" type clause. These may range from no refunds or transfers of funds, balances due when within a timeframe of your wedding date or a complete transfer to a new date, if available. The terms vary from vendor to vendor so be sure to read each and every contract carefully. Don't be afraid to email them and ask for clarity on something in your contract.'re stuck in social distancing mode so why not do a little... "light reading."

  3. Send out a "Change the Date" announcement. If you have a wedding website, be sure to direct guests there for updates! This will cut down on all the social media comments from those "I didn't get an invite!" people...

  4. Self-care is key! I know my biggest excuse when I skip out on self-care is not having enough time. Well, there's no better time than the present to focus on some self-care! Do that spa day in your yoga pants and the Calm app playing in the background. Do something that doesn't involve your wedding planning and give your brain a break!

  5. Take a deep breath and remember that we are all in this together. Give yourself some grace. Give your vendors some grace. The human race is trying to navigate this crazy time so let's do it as a team!

*Charming Grace Events, LLC is not a law office or a medical professional. The information shared above is based on our experience in the wedding and event industry for over the last 8 years.

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