Wedding Details: How to Get Those Gorgeous Photos!

You see the pretty photos on social media all the time! Those gorgeous arrangements of jewelry, invitations, flowing silk dreamy! So how can you achieve these pretty photos on your wedding day?

Well, first and most importantly, make sure you hire a professional photographer who has wedding experience! Don't just look at their social media posts, look through their actual wedding galleries! Once you find someone that matches the photography style (that's another blog post I'll share with you guys!) follow these easy steps to prepare your details for your photographer:

1. Once you are settled into your hotel room (or wherever you are getting ready) be sure to keep one area completely clean! Ideally this space should be by a window or somewhere that has that pretty, natural light coming through. Store all of the bags, shoes and all the things that we ladies pack along with us, in a closet! This also looks better in your photos instead of random things all over in your getting ready photos!

2. As you are purchasing or collecting your wedding details, keep them safe and all in one spot by storing them in a keepsake box. This also will make your life so much easier when you go to pack up everything for your wedding day! Also, when your photographer arrives you can hand over the box and your photographer will have everything you want in your detail photos!

3. Make sure that your details are ready to shoot! Take off price tags, stickers any strings, etc. Keeping them all in a box and prepping each item so it's ready for photos will save so much time with your photographer! They can show up and jump right in with shooting your details (this is where almost every photographer starts when they arrive!) This also gives you and your tribe a few more minutes to get ready and put on the finishing touches of hair and makeup before they start with wedding dress and group shots!

Wondering what you should include in your wedding details box? Here is a list of our favorites below!

  • Copy of your invitation suite

  • Ring box with both yours and your love's rings

  • Pretty perfume bottle

  • Garter

  • Jewelry

  • Heels

  • Vow books

  • Clutch

  • Hair comb/crown

  • Veil

  • Bouquet (talk with your florist about delivering your flowers when your photographer arrives!)

What are you planning to include in your wedding details box? Leave your comments below!

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