Wedding Horror Stories: Cake Disaster

Some couples choose to save with their budget and decide to hire a "friendor" instead of a professional *Read: licensed*  vendor. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our Wedding Horror Stories series to shine a little light on WHY it's so important to go through a professional!

The following is a real wedding incident....

It was a another gorgeous wedding Saturday and set up was well on it's way for the evening's celebration.  While we were putting final details out and preparing for guests to arrive, I did a quick scan of the room for any missing touches.  The cake...we were still waiting on the cake.  I took a moment and checked in with the bride and pulled a bridesmaid to the side to ask for the cake delivery information.

You see, the Bride’s aunt was asked to make the cake. I had asked a few times for contact information but was always met with "Oh, don't worry my aunt will take care of it." Now, guests were beginning to arrive as I made my way back to the reception room.  As I enter the room, I see the cake on a roll cart next to the cake table and I am relieved! I call to my assistant to help me place it on the table so we can focus on preparing for the ceremony.  As we get closer to the cake it  I take a quick walk around the cart before touching the cake and quickly realize this cake is damaged!  There is dirt and hair stuck to one side that has buttercream frosting smeared down the all 3 tiers! I yell out to all of the catering staff in the room if anyone saw who delivered the cake and of course no one had noticed in the hustle of set up.

Upon some quick and slightly panicked research (all while trying to keep the bride from peeking in and seeing it) I found out a friend of the aunt had delivered cake. The cake had clearly fallen while in transit and no one said a word to us or any staff member.  It just appeared in the reception room.

I finally found the person that delivered it and was met with hostility which I quickly realized was guilt. She kept asking me why I couldn’t fix it since we had a kitchen on site.  The venue was a golf course, not equipped with a bakery so there were no spatulas or baking utensils to even attempt to fix it. I didn't have time to explain or argue with the cake destroyer. After begging the chef to help in any way he managed to smooth out the frosting and somewhat put it back together with a butter knife!!

Thankfully the aunt who made the cake showed up just in time with enough flowers to cover the rest of the ugly smashed side.  The cake was completely non edible due to the amount of dirt and hair on the cake and catering refused (OF COURSE!) to serve any of it!  We had to stage the cake cutting, which we decided not to announce and keep the attention off of the cake. The photographer managed to get a few photos from a safe distance so that you couldn’t see the true mess hiding underneath the flowers and smeared one wants a hairy cake let alone photos of it!

This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to hire professional vendors.  If there had been a contract in place with a legitimate bakery, a new cake would have been delivered at the very moment anything happened. We would have been notified immediately of any issues instead of the actual circus that we dealt with and everyone would have had cake to enjoy at the reception!   Instead, we had to use the tools that we had on hand to at least make it "pretty" for photos….a three tier cake that was never even eaten!

Stay tuned for more Wedding Horror Stories every month!  Have a wedding horror story of your own?  We'd love to hear about it!  Contact us here!

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