Wedding Horror Stories: Drunken Guests

This blog post could be updated almost weekly! We are going to shed some light on the top things that drunken wedding guests have done over the years that still make us scratch our heads!

  • Somehow, someone ALWAYS ends up behind the bar and tries to make a run for it with bottles of alcohol. We've found bottles under tables, behind gifts on the gift table, in the bushes...

  • Someone ALWAYS ends up in the air over the dance floor! We try to make sure this doesn't happen to our couple until after all the formal reception events! 😂

  • Drunken guests have tried to get a little handsy or creepy with vendors. We've had to intervene a few times...we have a harassment clause and we are not afraid to use it! Keep your hands and creepy lines to yourselves!

  • We've had to call an ambulance because a guest was so intoxicated they ended up passing out outside in front of the loading door to the venue. When the delivery guys showed up for break down they kept calling us because they couldn't open the door!

  • Messy bathrooms...need we say more?

*Tips to avoid drunken guests:

  • Make sure to have a certified bartender!

  • Make sure that your guests are not over-served!

  • Consider having a beer and wine only with a signature drink rather than a full bar.

  • Make sure you have plenty of water that is easily accessible to guests without waiting in a bar line.

Trust us, we want everyone to have a good time but we also want to make sure there aren't any added stresses on our clients on such a big day! Most of these incidents happened without our clients finding out until after their wedding day. We make sure to keep an eye on everything and that everyone is having a great time! If you're worried about your guests showing out on your wedding day, just follow our tips above to cut down on the drunken shenanigans!

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