Wedding Horror Stories: Rogue Bartender

We stress to all of our clients how important it is to hire qualified, professional vendors. Not just the person who claims they can do the job for the lowest price. For this installment of our Wedding Horror Stories series, we are going to share a little tale of a Rogue Bartender!

This wedding starts like any other. Vendors show up, they begin setting up and we all run around to make sure everything is picture perfect before guests begin to arrive. Catering was in charge of the bar and supplied the bartenders. Our clients chose to provide all the alcohol that would be served by the bartenders.

The bar looked great and the guests were being served quickly. All good things! It was sometime around dinner that we noticed one of the bartenders acting a little tipsy. We all decided to keep an eye on the bar for the rest of the night. While we want everyone to enjoy the night, we also expect all vendors to remain professional during the entire event.

Fast forward a few hours later. We find out that the bartender has in fact been taking shots with guests and the catering manager is nowhere to be found! We had already started some of our breakdown and guests were starting to catch the shuttles back to their hotels. It was at this point we saw the bartender start to hand out open bottles of alcohol to guests as they were leaving!! The couple had no idea and we had to go over and remind him that certified, professional bartenders don't just hand out bottles of alcohol to people as they leave and how much of a safety violation this was! Not to mention, we had to break a few hearts with the guests that thought they had received a pretty awesome favor on their way out!

So as I mentioned above...make sure that your vendors are professionals and do your due diligence when hiring ALL of your vendors!

This series highlights the craziness we see in our profession. Names may be changed to protect our client's privacy.

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