Wedding Horror Stories: Tipsy Bride

The day I had to cut off a bride the moment she walked into her reception was the moment I thought about putting an “eat while getting ready” clause in my contract!  Not that I legally can do that but that’s how crazy it felt. Thankfully the ceremony was great and so sweet!  The photos following were fun and finished on time!  It was somewhere between sneaking the bride and groom away for a couple of sunset shots and lining up everyone for grand entrance that I realized we were on a downward spiral and I needed every dinner roll and cracker on a plate in front of the bride asap!

We made it through grand entrance AND the first dance, at which point I was thanking the heavens she could actually make it through both without everyone noticing the level she was actually on. Then, before I could even grab the banquet captain, a server was at the sweetheart table serving up wine!  I quickly walked over and just did a quick check in with the couple while also being a ninja and taking one of the 2 full glasses in front of her...then quickly pulled their server to the side and asked that she hold off on all alcohol for the bride until after dinner and to serve them food immediately!  Dinner was just what was needed and we were back on track to having a good time and being able to enjoy the rest of the night! *Insert huge sigh of relief here* A big part of being a wedding planner is basically seeing the future.  We have to be able to solve an issue before it even happens.  It's crazy thinking how many things I have prevented and it just comes with experience and focus.

Planning a wedding is stressful.  Being around all of your family and friends all at the same time is stressful.  For some, having all the attention directed at them is stressful.  The point is, I get it.  You just need to take the edge off sometimes...but know your limit and be smart! It’s not just some party you are the guest of honor at.  This is your WEDDING and a day you should cherish and remember even if it goes by in a flash! You may have photos but cherish the moments in those photos also.

I’ve had my fair share of drunk guests getting a little out of hand and having to cut them off.  I never thought I would actually have to cut off a bride though!  I always stress to my couples to make sure not to go crazy with the alcohol the day before, drink plenty of water the day of and EAT throughout getting ready!!  This is so important!  If you want to have mimosas while you get your hair and makeup done, girl, go nuts!  Just make sure you are also drinking water in between and most importantly eating something and not just a handful of chips or fruit.

Stay tuned as we roll out more  Wedding Horror Stories every month! Do you have a wedding horror story? We'd love to hear about it! Contact us here or leave it in the comments below!

Photo credit: Emma Weiss Photography

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