Wedding Horror Story: Getaway Driver

For one of my Vegas weddings the Bride and Groom decided to hire an Elvis impersonator as a surprise to their guests.  We had been over the timeline many times and confirmed all arrival times with vendors so we were ready to surprise their guests with some fun, Vegas style entertainment later in the evening.

The time for the performance was approaching and no one had seen or heard from “Elvis.”  Finally with 5 minutes until he was to go on, we get a phone call and he had passed the exit for the venue.  No big deal, it would only set us back by about 10 minutes so we just proceeded through out the evening's events while waiting. When 20 minutes passed we tried calling the performer to see what was going on...with no answer.  I decided to stand watch just outside the door so I could update them the moment I saw headlights coming down the venue driveway.

We were now closing in on our last few songs of the evening and still no word. I then advise the bride and groom of the situation and told them they should contact the performer or company before leaving for their honeymoon for a refund! At this point in the evening, if he showed up he would cause them to run over their rental time with the venue and they would be charged and we didn’t want that. This is when I find out that “Elvis” is also their getaway car in (you guessed it!) a pink Cadillac!!

Well now we have an issue of getting the bride and groom back to their hotel room and which guest or family member is up for the task.  Just as we almost have this situation worked out we see dust and headlights flying down the venue drive.  It was literally a scene out of a movie.  “Elvis” gets out of the car now, in no hurry at all, in FULL character and I can’t decide whether to laugh and walk away or yell while smacking him with my clipboard.

While he sashays, in true Elvis form, into the venue, my assistant and I notice why he was so late….he was completely drunk...our getaway driver was drunk!! I may have hit myself in the head with my clipboard at this point.  He goes into the venue, does his performance as the last song of the night because he was an hour and a half late and we tell the photographer to get a few shots of them in the Cadillac but they were NOT to actually drive away.  While they were taking photos we made sure to notify security….and Elvis may have indeed performed jailhouse rock later that evening after the guests were all gone.

Moral of the story - make sure you research your vendors even if it's not your typical vendor!  It could mean the difference between an amazing night and a total disaster! Do you have a wedding horror story? We want to hear it! Leave it in the comments or contact us here!

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