Wedding Planning & Mental Health

Guys, let’s talk about what it is like to plan a wedding in 2019!

The first place most people go when starting the planning process is the black hole that can be the internet. With more articles than any one person could possibly read in their lifetime on how to have the “perfect” wedding or download the “Best Wedding Checklist.” It can leave you feeling stressed and left wondering how you’ll actually be able to complete everything and still be able to enjoy one of the biggest events in your lives! It is important to absorb and utilize all of the information and tools that are available, but it is also essential to discuss all of the emotions and challenges couples experience during this time.

Well, my friend, take a deep breathe because we are here to help! We have put together the best and most important advice we have given to our couples to help guide you through all the moments between the endless to-dos!

  • First (this one is huge!) take some time to enjoy that you’re engaged to the love of your life! Use this time for reflecting on your relationship and celebrating your future together...even if that means waiting for a day or two or ten to post the “I said Yes” picture on social media! It’s YOUR moment so cherish it!

  • Next, do whatever feels right to you and your fiance when it comes to planning your wedding. We know this one seems obvious but don’t feel like you need to follow traditional wedding etiquette or try to appease the expectations and opinions of other people. (And boy will you hear ALL the opinions!!) If you go down that path, you will find yourself feeling like a guest at your own wedding! Your big day should represent your unique love story so focus on what that means for you as a couple. If you want to wear a black dress and have Metallica playing as you walk down the aisle...we say do it! You only get to live this day once!

  • COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR PARTNER!! This is so important! Be honest and open with each other throughout the entire process. Expressing feelings can be hard for any relationship even without the added wedding planning pressures. Sometimes it may seem better to “protect” your partner by trying to handle all of the stress on your own, but take a step back and remember that you are a team. By being honest with one another about your budget and what each of you want, is not only essential for a happy engagement but a happy life together as well. Pour a glass of wine and have those tough conversations, people!!

  • All too often couples find themselves suddenly planning a wedding for everyone else. Thoughts of wondering why they bought an over priced wedding cake when they both hate cake or hired a DJ when really they wanted a band but got too much grief from mom. To be lucky enough to have family and friends that are excited about your wedding and want to be involved is a beautiful thing. BUT if you find that there are too many cooks in the kitchen and your vision of what you want is being challenged due to the head-strong opinions of others then you need to set boundaries and restrictions for their level of involvement. And guess what?! That’s okay!!

Mental health and happiness are always important especially when you are entering into the next chapter of your lives! Do not sacrifice your happiness to include someone in your plans who interrupts that. Think of it this way, a year ago, would you have involved someone in your most important plans if they stressed you out? Probably not, so don’t do it now! There is nothing wrong with setting boundaries or taking a break from people that you do not want to share these memories with. Your wedding day may only be one day but your marriage is forever! Please take the time to check your own happiness and your partner’s and make that a priority!

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