Wedding Trend - Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

One of our favorite wedding trends we keep seeing are mismatched bridesmaid dresses! This spin on the traditional, uniform dress style and color appears relaxed but chic at the same time. You can have different styles of the same color, or go with different colors that match your overall wedding palette.

Are you finding yourself torn between the two styles and you’re not sure which route to take? We know it’s a tough decision and we are here to help! We’ve done some investigating and speaking from experience ( as both a planner and a bride to be), we’ve found that there are some logistics of pulling off the mismatched colors and styles that you may want to keep in mind before deciding what you want your bridesmaids to wear down the aisle on your wedding day.

We have broken down our top 3 pro’s and con’s of the mismatched dress vs traditional style to help with making your decision.

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The Pro’s -

1. Each bridesmaid has the freedom to choose a dress that they feel comfortable and happy with for your big day!

We all know your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life! A day when you look and feel your best. With this latest trend, it's possible for your bridesmaids to share in that feeling with you! Every girl knows what style of dress works best with their body and what color looks best with their skin tone. By letting your friends choose their own dress color or style you’ll have your bride tribe feeling and looking their best as they stand with you for the big moment of “I Do” !

2. There are endless dress options that can fit different budgets!

Weddings are expensive and bridesmaids dresses are no exception. While yes, when your friends agreed to be a part of your bridal party they knew that this meant there would be expenses involved from hair and makeup to dresses and shoes. The last thing you want to do is ask your squad to spend their rent money on a dress for your wedding! Trying to find a price range that fits into everyone's budget can be difficult and stressful for you and your tribe. The mismatched look gives each bridesmaid the chance to find a dress that’s affordable and takes the stress off of you, it’s a win-win!

3. Mismatched dresses are a great way to add personal flair to your pictures!

Out of everything on your wedding day (besides you know, your fiance) your wedding pictures will be something you’ll have forever. While the traditional look is a safe way to go, it can be hard to find ONE dress that fits and reflects the vibe of your wedding style. The mix of dress styles and colors is a great way to incorporate your overall wedding style into your ceremony. By adding different styles of fabric, color, and dress style your bridesmaids will add a little extra flair and personality when it comes time for pictures.

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The Con’s -

1. While the mismatched dresses can look great on your wedding day, it can easily turn into A LOT of extra stress for you if not managed properly!

One of the reasons we LOVE this look is the relaxed but stylish vibe it gives off. BUT that doesn’t mean that achieving this mismatched looked is a relaxing process, that just ya know so happened to work out perfectly. It will take a bit more coordination and hands on planning than the traditional dress route. Rather than picking one dress from one specific place you will have to be VERY specific about the colors and style your bridesmaids can choose. We would recommend deciding on the colors and style you want to use and sticking to it! By offering suggestions to each individual bridesmaid from either a website or store that you have already approved of will make the process a lot easier on everyone!

2. You run the risk of your tribe appearing chaotic and distracting to guests during your ceremony!

Let’s be honest, like anything else at your wedding you do not want it to take the attention away from you and your love during the most important part of your wedding day. As you are choosing the colors or style’s you want your bride tribe in, keep in mind that all of your wedding party will be standing next to you when you're officially announced as a married couple! If you are going with the mismatched look try to choose colors, prints, fabrics, or styles that will not be distracting or overwhelming for your guests, this is especially true with larger wedding parties.

3. Like any other trend it will eventually go out of style, will you regret not going with the more traditional plan?

Have you ever gone back and looked at pictures from your middle school dance’s when you thought those bangs and metallic blue eye liner were the only to look at it now and die a little inside? We’ve all been there and well, that’s the problem with the trends. They seem so cool at the time but just because something is “cool” right now does not make it right for you and your wedding. Remember that the only tangible thing you will have for the rest of your life from your wedding (besides your marriage, duh) will be pictures of the big day. Try to ignore the “cool” pictures that are all over Pinterest and Instagram and imagine what you will be happy with when you are looking at your wedding pictures ten or twenty years down the road. If you are having a more traditional wedding you may end up regretting having your bridesmaids in different jewel tones. On the other hand if you are having a boho themed wedding putting your bridesmaids in different jewel tones or unique styles could be the way to go!

Unfortunately, we can’t predict which dress style you may or may not regret later, BUT we can tell you to stay true to your wedding style and overall vision. If you are still trying to decide what your individual wedding style is and need a little guidance on how to choose? Check out our blog post on How to Define Your Wedding Style where we help break down all of the tricky terminology and help you decide on the right wedding style for you!

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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