Wedding Vendors - Quality Over Quantity

Today's blog is a bit of a rant.  I'm not going to be talking about how many vendors you should or shouldn't hire...well, sort of.  I'm going to be talking about wedding vendors that stretch themselves a little too thin and take on more than they should.  Leaving you with a not so great wedding day and wondering to yourself "What if I had hired someone else?"

The idea of a one-stop-shop sounds amazing!  It sounds like there would be less stress involved by hiring just one company to do it all (or most) rather than a vendor for each category.  That, however, is usually not the case.

There are some that do it, and they do it right.  Then there are those that do an ok job at most of it so they throw it all together into one package and lead couples to believe that they don't need to hire anyone else.  Which is why I'm writing this post!

I received a call from a bride stressed out and completely annoyed at a vendor she had hired.  She was lead to believe that this vendor could be a planner, event designer, florist and handle all of her rentals for her wedding.  I know a few amazing planners who take on other areas and they ARE fantastic.  Unfortunately, this wasn't the case for this poor bride!  She found out that the planner was going to get her wedding flowers from a local grocery store (what?!?!) and after looking at the rentals the planner was offering realized none of them even matched her wedding style or theme!  Every time the bride brought up taking off a service the planner would try to add on something else to keep the price the same.

The bride felt as though she was completely mislead in order for the planner to make more money off of her.  She felt like no one was even listening to what SHE wanted for her WEDDING DAY! Isn't that the whole point?  To have your special day the way that you envision it??

I received another phone call from a different bride the very same week.  Her caterer told her not to worry about hiring a coordinator because "they basically were the day of coordinator."  You either offer this service or you don't!  You don't decide that you pretty much fill the role so everything is great!  Again, I know plenty of catering companies that DO offer coordinating services and they are amazing...BUT they advertise it with their packages and they ARE that role.  Not something kinda, sort of close to it so they'll just do it for you.  If your caterer does not offer it, let them focus on catering and give yourself peace of mind by hiring a wedding planner!  You will NOT regret it!

If you have a vendor promising you the one-stop-shop bargain....make sure they are fully capable of handling everything they promise to your standards and not just good enough to get you by.  You can do that by making sure they have enough staff to cover what they are promising.  Make sure they have done it in past weddings and rocked it. Check those reviews out and see what past clients are saying about their experiences.  It's your wedding day!  It should be treated as the best day ever and you should be given the best service ever by every, single vendor!  If that means hiring 3 more vendors that ROCK at their roles then do it while you may end up spending a little more, it will be done right and it won't cause you more stress!

Need assistance in finding your rockstar team of vendors?  Let Charming Grace Events get you on the right track with your wedding planning!

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