Weddings: Kids or No Kids Allowed?

It’s such a touchy subject for some - are weddings a place for kids?  I have mixed feelings about the topic and if planned for correctly it can be great!  It’s the weddings that children are an afterthought that end up being an issue.  For instance, kids aren’t being supervised by anyone and will help themselves to all the sugar they can get their hands on.  Have you ever noticed how much sugar is actually at a wedding?  Not just with desserts but sodas, juice, favors, etc.  I’ve personally witnessed a kid on so much of a sugar high from cranberry juice that he laid on the floor, by the cake table and just pushed himself in circles for a good 20 minutes.  Thankfully the cake table didn’t topple on top of him but I had to ask him to move back 3 times.  Another boy, no older than 9, had to be removed by security from behind the bar in the restaurant portion of a venue.

All seem like harmless kid antics but if I hadn’t seen the boy by the cake table it probably would have ended up with an $800 cake smashed on the floor.  A kid behind a bar….I think that just speaks for itself as he wasn’t even in the same area as the wedding at that point. I just happened to walk by on my way to the offices in the back.

You can’t expect vendors to be babysitters and if guests are too busy having fun, kids are sneaky and will entertain themselves if nothing is provided.

So still planning to allow kids at your wedding?  Here are our top entertaining tips to include to help keep them happy and occupied with something kid friendly:

  • I spy game with prizes for winners

  • Coloring area close but out of the way of the party

  • Babysitter in a separate room

  • Movie room with a supervisor

Looking for more advice on keeping kids entertained at weddings?  Send us an email!

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